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Getting Back on Track

I have not written a blog post since January. Life got busy. I had other things I was working on and the months slipped by with every intention of catching up. Soon discouragement set in and it wasn’t long before I gave up.

“Who reads it anyway?” that accusing voice chimed in my head.

And I answered back, “Ya, your right. Probably no one. Why am I even doing this?”

Why am I doing this? It’s a good question. I’m not like most bloggers who are working hard to promote their work and expand their readership. I began posting as a way to express the things I was thinking about and learning that would hopefully keep me writing. I did it as an offering to the Lord. Of course, I hoped people who read my book would stumble across the blog and enjoy my posts but I would leave that in the Lord’s hands. So, why should I let six months of failure keep me from getting back on track? It shouldn’t unless the real reason I was doing it all along was not for the Lord at all, but for my own vain glory—making it like pointless excessive barking.

Forgive me Lord. Cleanse me from the seemingly unquenchable thirst I have to be seen and acknowledged by everyone else but You. I want to quietly practice the ways of your kingdom. And to live my life for your eyes and glory: the only audience that counts. My life (and my book/blog) is yours to do with as You please. Help me to walk in the good works you’ve prepared in advance for me to do. Not the good works that I subconsciously hope will bring forth earthly accolades but will amount to nothing in the age to come.

Thank you, Lord!

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